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How Does It Works

List your property


Begin by listing your property on our platform. Sign up and provide detailed information about your property. Once listed, your property will be available for booking by guests.

Have more reservations


Increase your bookings. We ensure that your property offers competitive pricing, promotions, or discounts to attract more guests.

Get great reviews


We encourage guests to leave positive reviews after their stay. Positive reviews can enhance your property's reputation and attract more guests in the future.

Maximize your earnings


This partnerships will help increase visibility and bookings for your property. We explore ways to maximize your earnings over time.

and Maximize Your Property Earnings

Partner with our property management experts and
maximize your earnings without the added headaches.

Earn more, worry less

40 hrs.

Save up to 40 hours a month in administrative tasks


Publish your listing in more than 15+ booking platforms

5 star

Maintain a 5 stars guests rating in your properties


Generate up to 50% more revenue

1. Property analysis 

Study of the potential of your property. Includes a design and use of spaces proposal.

2. Profile management

Maximum guest satisfaction.

4. Dynamic rate management

Simplify your pricing management.

5. Cleaning and maintenance service


Our Services

3. Communication

Check-in check-out coordination.

6. Reporting and billing


About Our Business

Property management and short-term rental in Mexico with exceptional service. Always.

About Us
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